Skin in the game

Next-generation innovation in dermatology.

We are Mii

We are pioneering the lab-fund model, to bring skin therapeutics innovations from concept to market as seamlessly as possible.

Mii is a holistic eco-system that brings R&D, Venture Capital and strategic partnerships under one roof to meet tomorrow’s challenges head on.

Tied by a culture of success

Mii is a Japanese-Israeli joint partnership born out of a mutual desire to innovate the field of dermatology and improve the quality of life of millions. The distinct cultures and qualities of each partner create a unique synergy of capabilities tied by an unwavering approach to bringing innovation to market.

The M in Mii stands for Maruho, Japan’s leader in dermatology. The 2 I’s in MIi stand for Israel Innovation, where our labs are located and where R&D happens.

Mii + YOU

Mii is seeking innovative skin-related technologies across all stages and categories with significant market impact potential.


Work with our state-of-the-art dermatology excellence center in Rehovot, Israel’s life science capital where the future of dermatological R&D is taking place.


Gain access to smart capital,
go-to-market experience, our global derma-network and Maruho’s unparalleled access to the Japanese market.


Together we can do something truly unique and exceptional. Because when you work with the best people in the business anything is possible.

We are primarily focused on innovations in dermatology and skincare across all stages and categories




From Seed to Growth, we invest in a wide range of companies that are innovating skin treatment in a variety of ways. Whether they are born in our Lab or join us along the way, all of them leverage our expertise.

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