Curiosity. Collaboration. Commitment.

Developing the future of skin therapy.

Skin. There’s nothing
quite like it.

Skin. The body’s largest organ, and undoubtedly its most mysterious. Perfect skin is the embodiment of beauty, a sign of health and wellbeing. It is said that perfect skin comes from the inside. The imperfect skin however can cause great discomfort to those afflicted by it, both physically and emotionally. For us, there is no greater challenge than to explore skin and get to the bottom of things. To give people the best skin imaginable.

The Mii DNA

With this mission in mind – creating better dermatology, quickly and effectively – we designed the Fund+Lab model. Vertically integrated, from invention to market, we understand the journey to success starts with a spark of innovation and smart R&D, continues with the deep understanding of clinical needs and market dynamics, and is ultimately fueled by exceptional human capital.

Our network of trust with entrepreneurs and academia, startups and investors, big pharma and key opinion leaders provides unique insights and unparalleled access. We not only look for opportunities, we create them.

Executive Team:

Junichi Hamada

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Eran Perry

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Doron Friedman

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Masanobu Ogawa

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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